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===>Mun Information<===
Player Name: Ardy
Age: 30
Preferred Method of Contact: AIM: crystalcatalyst1; infectdgenetics or PM

===>Character Information<===
Character Name: Aleeza “Al”/”Monday” Benson
Character Dreamwidth: mondaygirl
Age: 30
Canon: Original
Mutation: n/a
Price: n/a
Personality: Aleeza is a woman of stark contrasts who somehow manages to pull together a cohesive, successful self. She is an extremely feminine scientist, with a bubbly, upbeat, excitable personality. While she would never chew gum in the lab, she’s likely to be found listening to some bright bubblegum pop through her hot pink headphones--only because she still adheres to Dr. Gwen’s rule about not piping that “drivel” where everyone has to hear it.

With her equally pink sneakers and her ever-present ponytail, it’s easy to overlook her deep love of learning and her genius memory. She started out in the theoretical side of things, after Dr. Gwen hired her on for her outstanding GPA, honors thesis, five novel-length recommendation letters, and her ability to recite entire milestone journal articles on demand with the same precision that she sings “Toxic” while cleaning up inevitable hazardous reagent spills.

She really is well-ordered and meticulous, which can lead to a certain neuroticism that breaks through her perky fangirl approach to her work. Once she’s finally convinced to take a break, things soon right themselves, though--and that’s why, despite her intelligence, she needs lab partners able to roll with the punches and fly by the seat of their pants. When she’s past her initial panic, she’s actually fairly good as a sounding board for trouble shooting. Despite how unconventional she is for the stereotype in her field, ironically, she finds it a little daunting trying to live outside the lines. She’s still having to convince herself that messes and mistakes aren’t failures: that’s 90% of real science, in fact.

Her people skills are a toss up. She can be hypervigilant to tone and body language, but that leads to her reading too much into things. She can also be somewhat shy outside of work, and tends to constantly self-monitor her interactions. She really tries to be personable, and on first approach, some people see her as fairly friendly and definitely not a threat. Others, she comes across as a little cold and aloof. But that’s probably because she has a fairly narrow range of interests, and has difficulty meshing with others. She’d definitely like to make some friends, but it’s hard to find “compatible, interested parties” who don’t “disappoint” her. And then there’s the fact that she’s highly invested in relationships until they get in the way of her work. In those cases, she becomes quickly and flatly indifferent. She figures everyone needs a self-help project, though, and this can be hers. When she gets around to it. In the mean time, there is something sooooooo exciting going on in dish 3 over here. This is probably why she spends so much time with Chemy, who she inexplicably allows to call her “Monday.” Others who try to call her that get a blank stare and a vacant smile, like they botched an inside joke they weren’t even in on.

Aleeza’s two main “nonscience” hobbies are still tied to her background. She has a deep love for make up, to the point she’s started learning to make it in the lab. She also loves gardening and horticulture, turning her office space into a veritable greenhouse of exotic plants. Although, the pride and joy of her collection is a large subtropical carnivorous specimen lurking in one of the back rooms. She sometimes jokes about feeding cranky customers to it, only to quickly point out they would never ever ever EVER do anything like that--it’s highly unethical! (To do to the plant.)

Non-Mutation Skills/Powers: Bench level biochemistry skills, biotechnologist with a specialty in epigenetic maintenance of mutations.

Memory(ies) Lost: Like Chemy, all she knows about their boss Dr. Gwen is she seems to be forever on “Sabbatical”...

Network Sample:

You aren’t answering your phone, so I sent this priority.

Anyway, the lab blew up.

I mean, it was really pretty and there was this oddly sparkly purple smoke.

But it was also still an ACTUAL EXPLOSION so you might want to drop by! Preferably quickly! I can’t find the MSDS book and something is eating a hole in the sink!!


Log Sample:
“It really was no trouble to squeeze you in.” Aleeza sat down across the table from her client with a smile. “These things happen all the time. Our body has its own mutations that act on our DNA as well.”

She pushed the papers across, standard consent forms with warnings and possible side effects, along with a jargony explanation of the biotech worked involved in today’s procedure.

She wasn’t reading her clipboard, but she still recited everything in a rapid fire, practiced voice that went strangely with her perky inflection. “As the paper states, phenotypic correction of this kind has been strongly correlated with headache, dizziness, nausea, liver failure, skin blemishes, kidney hyperactivity, global discoloration--I believe it was teal, teal all over--and death!

Should a severe reaction such as expiration--that means the death bit--occur, please make sure to have properly and thoroughly filled out your preferred next-of-kin section so we know who you wish contacted.

Now sign here, here, and here--and yay!--we’re ready to get started.”


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