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HMD/Contact/Meet the Mun

 Hello, my name is Ardy and I'm [personal profile] whitemage  here on DW. I hail from the Midwestern U.S. and am on EDT/EST.

I'm also in school full time, working, and I'm married with a 7 year old son. Meaning:

1. I promise I'm not ignoring you.
2. I probably did forget to do X.
3. I probably am not even seeing that I'm doing Y.

So I would love your questions, comments, and (hopefully not) rude statements about my playing. I would also totally love to play with you and your awesome character!

Comments left here are screened--if they need follow up, please include the best way to contact you. (I do not believe in anon, sorry!)

Other ways to reach me, about anything game (or even life in general) related:
  • AIM: crystalcatalyst1; infectdgenetics
  • PM on this journal